Pineapple Salsa

Pineapple, talk about a fruit Hawaii is known for. As a kid we used to race through the pineapple fields behind my house (definitely not safe). As a teenager we used to steal pineapples (thanks Dole), make our parents hack them open and snack on them after school. Now as an adult I have to buy them (ughhhh) and cut them myself (UGHHHH) but I’m smarter now with how I use them. Such as this simple and delish salsa.


Yields: 6-8 servings

½ large pineapple, hacked open and diced

1 c. chopped tomatoes of your choice

¼ c. red onion, sliced

½ c. cilantro leaves

S + P

1 tbsp honey (*depending on how sweet your pineapple is)

2 fresh limes, squeezed


Cut that pineapple open. [Click here if you need some help] and place in large bowl.

Cut the tomatoes and onion and add to bowl.

Pick cilantro leaves off bunch, add to bowl.

Pour lime into bowl, add honey and s +p.

Toss salsa, cover and marinate 30mins.

Serve with scooping device of your choice or just eat straight from the bowl!