The Best Coffee Creamer Review #2: Ghee

Part two in the series/search for the best coffee creamer - Ghee. Just Ghee, not coconut oil too. We’ll get to bulletproof coffee another time. Ghee is simply clarified butter, butter that has been melted down to remove any excess water. It’s cooked at a lower heat to develop some caramelization which gives it the light brown/yellowish hue. Ghee is often praised in Ayurvedic cooking for its digestion benefits.

Image courtesy of    Trader Joe’s

Image courtesy of Trader Joe’s

For this experiment I used one tablespoon of ghee to one cup of coffee. I whizzed it together in my Vitamix and happily sipped. The coffee was good for the first 30 secs. Once the froth died down my coffee cup looked like an oil spill. It tasted delicious and kept me full until lunch but I think next time I’ll try for less ghee.


Ghee What I Like:

  • Keeps me full for a long time

  • Very creamy, savory, nutty flavor

  • Natural, good fats, ayurvedic

  • Suitable for dairy sensitive

Ghee What I Don’t Like:

  • Lots of calories for a coffee drink

  • Oily residue

  • Must be consumed quickly and blended

  • Pricey