The Best Coffee Creamer Review #1: Ripple Original Half & Half

I’m on the search for the best “healthy” coffee creamer. I put healthy in quotations because I think we all can agree, whether we like it or not, that Coffee Mate French Vanilla creamer is probably the most delicious thing you can put in your coffee. IT MAKES YOUR COFFEE TASTE LIKE ICE CREAM. But coffee shouldn’t taste like ice cream, plus those ingredients are scary. So alas, I’m on a journey to find the best healthy coffee creamer and it begins with Ripple Original Half & Half.

Image Courtesy of    Ripple Foods

Image Courtesy of Ripple Foods

Unlike regular Half & Half you wouldn’t want to drink Ripple straight from the carton. Not that I drink Half & Half straight from the carton or anything, my point is it doesn’t really taste good by itself. Which is fine, that’s okay to get past, some things need a partner to taste edible. Ripple tastes very very savory, and almost gritty. Or maybe I’m imagining some sort of grit taste to it. It looks as if it would be gritty. It doesn’t split when you pour it straight into your coffee and depending how strong you take your coffee it makes it a pleasant nutty color. What I really like about Ripple is that it has zero carbs, no sugar, and the serving size is 2 tbsp, the same as regular Half & Half. What I don’t like about Ripple is the ingredients. Pea protein, sunflower oil, algal oil -- EWWW. Just ewww. Do you really want to put that in your coffee?? I get it, regular Half & Half is probably filled with pus from the poor cow whose overworked udders were squeezed and squeezed so your morning joe could taste creamy and delicious but for some reason it’s easier for me to get past that than sunflower oil. While I probably won’t buy Ripple again, I think this is a good option for vegans looking for a creamy cup of coffee. For now, I’m still on the search for the best “healthy” coffee creamer.

Ripple Original What I Like:

  • No carbs, 35 cals, 2 tbsp serving

  • Taste good, savory

  • Probably good in cooking

Ripple Original What I Don’t Like:

  • The ingredients

  • Did I mention, the ingredients

  • Smells kind of funky