Restaurant Review: Rockie's Frozen Yogurt (San Diego, CA)

One could say the froyo trend has come and gone. Others, like myself, still hold the froyo movement fondly in my heart. My college roommate introduced me to this amazing so-cal phenomena my freshman year and I’ve been loyal ever since. I used to be all about the chain froyo places, one place in particular: Yogurtland. My favorite thing about Yogurtland was the the DIY element of dishing up my own dessert. I was loyal to Yogurtland until my friend pointed out that it always smelled of cleaning solution in the shop. After this recognition was made, I was forever turned off by Yogurtland. It was also a chain place, and with local options in the San Diego area, I decided to branch out. Enter: Rockie’s Frozen Yogurt in Linda Vista, San Diego. If you want the bulleted list summary why Rockie’s is the best, scroll all the way to the bottom now. 

Image courtesy of Rockie’s Frozen Yogurt San Diego

Image courtesy of Rockie’s Frozen Yogurt San Diego

I’ve known of Rockie’s Frozen Yogurt  for a long time, due to its proximity to my favorite Sushi spot - Sushi Diner but I’ve never really given it a fair shot until my most recent trip to San Diego. We had planned to go to Sushi Diner for dinner the night I flew in from NYC but my flight had been delayed and by the time we got to the restaurant they were announcing last orders. Defeated, I suggested we just go get “fro-yo for dinner” something my friend Summer and I would enjoy frequently when we were still residents of so-cal. 

We arrived at Rockie’s minutes from their closing time too, but the staff was still excited to greet us and welcomed our sample requests. WARNING - the sizes at Rockie’s are huge. So a junior - is still a big boy. They do not mess around with giving you ample froyo and ample toppings (please see photo below). I went with the vanilla cake batter, and carmello mou, which I was informed by Rockie’s staff that it’s a combination of their honey greek yogurt and caramel flavor. It’s incredible. I am always that annoying customers that asks the staff what their favorite is. I always hope they tell me their honest answer. When I worked in the service industry I would always tell people what I honestly thought if they asked (also an inherent trait of my personality). It would piss me off if people would ask me for my opinion but not even try what I had suggested. That’s why if I ask a waiter or staff member what their favorite flavor, dish, item is - I genuinely want to know because it 1. Helps me with my indecision and 2. I really trust your knowledge.


Along with my ice cream I got mochi, carob chips, and rainbow sprinkles as my toppings. Rockie’s did not disappoint for “froyo for dinner.” It was the most flavorful ice cream I’ve had in a long time. The yogurt didn’t melt too fast and the taste didn’t leave the creamy slick on your tongue that some dairy products do. They also cleverly layer the toppings in the middle of the frozen yogurt, so the toppings don’t get too cold, and sprinkle a few toppings on the top - to remind you what you got :) Whenever I’m in San Diego, I’m going to make a point to go to Rockie’s to fulfill all my frozen yogurt needs. I also really want to try their acai bowls. If they’re anything like the quality of their frozen yogurt, I’m sure they’re damn good. 

In conclusion why Rockie’s Frozen Yogurt is *the best* Froyo Shop in San Diego: 

  • Friendly staff - happy to help you with sampling

  • “Hole in the wall” charm

  • Family owned - NOT A CHAIN

  • Huge portions - HUUUUUUGE

  • Rich, decadent taste

  • Great variety of flavors

  • Great variety of toppings

  • Options besides froyo -- smoothies, acai bowls, coffee

  • Dietary restrictions friendly: sugar-free, dairy-free options

  • Close to Sushi Diner (the best sushi in San Diego)

  • Not self-serve, sit back, relax and let them design your froyo delight

Inexpensive for what you get (cause froyo can be expensive - I see you Pinkberry)