Restaurant Review: Kiki's

First piece of advice when dining at Kiki’s...go at 5:30pm. You will most likely, probably get a table. Go during any other popular dining time and I wish you good luck. Seriously, good luck - you may get lucky! Kiki’s has plenty of space but also plenty of fans. It’s also really really cool. Definitely cooler than you and I, but totally easy to blend in with the rest of the hipster NYC crowd. Kiki’s is one of the OG Two Bridges restaurants that really pushed the neighborhood into the ultra hip, grunge era, fantastic food destination it’s in now. Luckily, the food is still amazing. And worth going, and worth waiting (but not if you go at 5:30pm)! Any dip or spread is guaranteed to satisfy so pick your favorite. You should probably get something with feta and eggplant. And you’ll probably need more pita bread. The Saganaki is divine - phyllo dough wrapped cheese drizzled with honey. But it’s definitely dessert worthy. Now if you’re the type of person to have your dessert before dinner - go for it. If you’ve never had octopus because tentacles and whatever, now is the time to get over it and get the grilled octopus. Also go with a friend or two so you can share things because isn’t that the best part of mediterranean cuisine?


P.S. Baklava - are you crazy you’re at a greek restaurant? Duh.