Goat Cheese Stuffed Figs with Walnuts and Honey

Fresh figs are by far my favorite summer fruit. They’re also very sensitive.They bruise easily and have a very short shelf life so they’re often gone as soon as they make their summer debut. So get your hands on some fresh figs and make this simple and tasty summer appetizer (or dessert!)


Yields: 6-8 servings

About 13 fresh figs

¼ c. goat cheese

About 26 walnut halves

2 tbsp honey


  1. Cut the figs in half.

  2. Heat up a small saute pan sprayed with coconut oil. Alternatively you could use a grill if you happen to be grilling this summer :)

  3. Place figs face down in pan.

  4. Cook figs until the inside flesh develops a nice golden brown cover.

  5. Place figs face up on platter. Allow to cool to touch.

  6. Evenly spread goat cheese among fig halves.

  7. Place walnut halves on top of goat cheese and gently press down.

  8. Drizzle figs with honey and serve immediately or place in fridge until ready to eat!