Soyrizo Breakfast Sandwich

I have no idea what real chorizo tastes like but I’m assuming it tastes something like this. As a vegetarian, I’m not a big fan of “fake meat” but this soyrizo from Trader Joe’s is SOY good. Make it meow.

Photo provided by Trader Joe’s

Photo provided by Trader Joe’s

Yield: 1 breakfast sandwich

71 grams soyrizo ( a serving size from Trader Joe’s soyrizo)

1 cup frozen spinach

1 egg, prepared to your liking

1 light english muffin

Dash of smoked paprika

Splash of coconut aminos

Olive oil spray

½ avocado



  1. Spray a saute pan with olive oil spray.

  2. Add frozen spinach and cook until defrosted.

  3. Add soyrizo and cook until it just begins to brown.

  4. Add paprika and coconut aminos.

  5. Remove from pan and keep warm.

  6. Reheat pan and reuse it to cook your egg. I chose a fried/poached egg finished off with a little water.

  7. Toast your english muffin.

  8. Add soy chorizo, spinach mixture to one side of the english muffin.

  9. Layer with egg and avocado.

  10. Serve with sour cream, ketchup and hot sauce.

  11. Yum!

My finished meal :)

My finished meal :)