Summer Rolls with Smoked Salmon, Scallops, Seaweed, Cucumber, Carrots, Avocado and Mint

Summer rolls are a fun and tasty dinner especially when it’s warm out. I usually like to invite friends over to help me out with this dish so we can expedite the process.  Have someone assigned to prepping fillings, someone rolling, and someone getting the satay sauce going and you will have a healthy and light meal ready in no time!


Yields: 8-10 servings

1 package rice paper wrappers

Large plate of warm water

8 oz. wild smoked salmon

1 ½ c. cooked small scallops

2 c. shredded cabbage

2 c. shredded carrots

1 c. re-hydrated seaweed (any variety)

1 avocado, sliced thin

1 c. cucumber sliced long and thin

1 c. basil leaves, loosely packed

½ c. mint leaves, loosely packed


  1. First assemble all your ingredients.

  2. Slice the avo and cucumbers, re-hydrate the seaweed, shred the cabbage and carrots (or buy pre-shredded), de-stem the herbs, cook the scallops, and peel the salmon filet away into smaller pieces.

  3. Prep your rolling station with a large plate of warm water.

  4. When you’re all set up with your fillings and your station is organized start making the rolls.

  5. Dip one rice paper wrapper into the water.

  6. Submerge the paper for about 10 seconds. You still want it to be a little stiff because it will continue to become more pliable.

  7. Smooth out your paper and start layering ingredients.

  8. ]I like to start with fresh herbs, followed by salmon or scallops. I place cucumber and avocado on the outside to hug the protein then I top it with the shredded veggies and seaweed.

  9. Take the rice paper fold closet to you and blanket the filling ingredients.

  10. Fold in the sides, hold the fillings in then roll up.

  11. Stack your completed rolls onto plates lined with wax paper.

  12. Get started on your next roll!


Peanut Satay Dipping Sauce

Yields: 2 cups

1 c. smooth peanut butter

¼ c. coconut milk

¼ c. shoyu

2 tbsp. rice vinegar

1 tbsp lime juice

1 tbsp honey

1 tbsp sesame oil

2 garlic, minced

1 tbsp ginger, minced

Squirt of Sriracha


  1. Begin by sauteing the garlic and ginger in the sesame oil in a small saucepan until very fragrant (be careful not to burn!)

  2. Carefully pour in coconut milk, followed by peanut butter.

  3. Whisk together on low.

  4. Continue whisking as you add shoyu, rice vinegar, lime juice and honey.

  5. Adjust sauce to taste by adding more shoyu, rice vinegar or coconut milk.

  6. If sauce is too thick add more coconut milk.

  7. If sauce is too thin add more peanut butter.

  8. To finish whisk in a squirt of Sriracha.

  9. Serve with summer rolls.

summer rolls 5.jpg
Maggie Hartley